Will a fresher be evicted today? Who will be that Contestant know here

Bigg Boss 14 have been delayed due to the pandemic COVID-19, earlier Bigg Boss grand premiere used to be in the last week of September. Bigg 14 producers make sure to compensate for the delay with bringing lots of masala take in the show. The show primers at 10:30 pm from Monday- Friday and at 9:00 pm on weekends.

The Toofani Seniors- Siddharth Shukla, Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan. All these seniors are monitoring the freshers and they possess all the power. Siddharth is the king of Bedroom section, Hina Khan is taking care of freshers personal belongings, Gauhar is the queen of Kitchen. If seniors asked freshers not to take or can enjoy any one of the mentioned things then he is bound to follow the seniors. Even Bigg Boss can’t revert these rules.

Yesterday (i.e 11th October 2020) we saw that Salman Khan granted one more power to seniors that they can evict the “weakest contestants” from the show. According to some sources, we found that there are high chances the eviction process can happen in today’s episode (i.e 12th October 2020).

There is a rumour that recently getting viral after the decision of eviction is handed to seniors that they might evict Sara Gurpal. Even the audience of Bigg Boss is not happy with such an act. On twitter, people had shown their anger.

In Weekend Ka Vaar Salman has asked Sara, to be active in the show as audience and her fans are feeling that this is not Sara which they know.

Let’s see whether the eviction will be done today or it would be carried forward to next week. It’s very weird that the makers of Bigg Boss are granting such powers in the hands of seniors.

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  1. Mere hisabse kabita Big boos 14 se bahar honi chahiya kiunki onki voting bahoti kam hee 21/11/20 hisbse aur niki bhi nikalana chahiya

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