Is Sara Gurpal going to get evicted this week? And some unknown facts about Sara

The first week of Bigg Boss 14 ends with so many twists. We have seen the relationships changing. The immunity task is gained by Pavitra Punia and Nikki Tamboli, Nikki has now won the actual immunity and now she posses the same power as seniors.

For the first time in Bigg Boss history, we are going to witness the new type of eviction. The eviction will be done by the seniors. In “Weekend ka Vaar” we saw that Salman saying that “weakest contestant” will be leaving the house and the power was given to seniors.

Sara Gurpal seems to get evicted in coming days, as the audience also felt less involvement of her in the house with other contestants. The screen sharing time was also given to our Punjabi singer, Sara Gurpal.

On Twitter, fans get angry over such stunts as fans feel that if the power is given to seniors they would prefer their friends to be safe and evict someone who had been not in touch with them. Fans also say that as Sara is not that much popular so she has been targeted by Bigg Boss team as they want Sara to get evicted.

With Bigg Boss comes a lot of controversies, Sara Gurpal husband Tushar Kumar from the US claimed he is the husband of Sara and her real name is Rachna Devi. Tushar also expresses his desire to enter in Bigg Boss House and wants to talk with Sara.

He has also claimed that he feels like he has been used and now thrown out as Sara chooses fame over personal life.

In an interview with Times of India, he says, “Nowadays he feels like that earlier there were no such feelings but everyone wants to be successful and I understand that but you can’t go down to such level”

Bigg Boss 14 will gonna be dhamaka offer for audiences as the just week has passed and many cards have been turned.

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  1. Rubina Dalaik &Abinav Shukla should be kicked out of
    Bb14 ,they are kaniving &good for nothing .Rubina thinks she knows it all &tries to control
    everyone.Both of them are a big turn off &it is a mistake to bring in couples as this should be individual games & the title
    earned on one’s own merit.Please kick them out,they don’t deserve to be in
    this show.

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