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      1. What nonsense you are talking…. bigboss ko kitna serious dekh raha h…. bigboss is respected show with respected person…good people not doing anything…but good person always good….

    1. Rubina& Abhinav should not have come into the show together as it is a disadvantage to others.One of them should be kicked out soon. Let them play

  1. Maryam Fakharunnisa

    Jasmin bhasin is clearly playing women card
    She always started poking eijaz. Till now she told many things to eijaz
    Loser, Manuplater, Fake, Bhadeka Ka character. Eijaz never used it as a defence and showing her bad in the audience as she did today in WKW. Shame Jasmin…….
    It is kind of eijaz he is not using it against you..
    Very Bad 😑😑😑😑

  2. Maryam Fakharunnisa

    Eijaz is the best
    Sub target Kar rage had eijaz ko
    Aly jhut bolraha hai eijaz nai clearly kaha Vikas ko agar backbitching karts toh some team se karts pagal
    Aly Rubinav ko jhut bolraha hai usne manu ko kaha he said to Vikas
    Asli flipper an jasmine ko Rubinav se slag Karega 100 per

  3. Nikky tamboli is the winner she is playing the best and deserv to win big boss 14, Kashmira is trying to target nikky all the time becous nikky is better then her which is not good for kashmiras part behaving cheep and worg literally she is threatening Nikki Tamboli

  4. Abhinav ka kuch pta he nhi uska koi stand he nhi hai jab se aaya haj sirff rubina ke sath he dikh ta hai pagal rubina ke fan usko bhi vote kar rahe hai vote usko kro jo deserving hai

  5. For god sake please get rid of IDIOT ARSHI.
    She is a disgrace to this beautiful show.
    Absolute rubbish. She is just FILTH.

  6. Sabse phaltu nikki tamboli hai usko is gher se nikalo
    Best was rubina dilaik and abhinav shukla.Bigg boss Nikki ko vapus bhej do uske gher pe

    1. No support for Rahul because usme attitude nahi hai aur rubina bahut khadoosh aur akdu hai sirf अपने पति se babu karti hai.

  7. विकास को वोट करो और देवोलीना को बाहर करो, क्योंकि वो एजाज की प्रॉक्सी है,जैसा कि वीकेंड के वार पर दिखा, एजाज का प्रेस और लोगों के प्रति बर्ताव बिल्कुल अच्छा नहीं था।

  8. Rahul vaidhya’s fact is a very clear. So I doing like rahul bhai. Do best and entertainment. Entertain me rahul best lagta hai. And Rubina khadoos aur attitude bhari hai.

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