After being homeless with Bigg Boss, Vikas said ‘I got a punishment for mistake’

Vikas Gupta shared a video message on Instagram after being fired from Bigg Boss 14 on Monday. He said that he is still trying to understand what has happened to me. He also spoke about his eviction from the show and said that he has been punished for making a mistake.

In his video, Vikas said, “Hello everyone. Yes I am out of Bigg Boss house. I have parked myself in a place where I can be alone and understand what happened to me. I was in a weak state and I spoke a lot. Seeing myself, I cried.

He said that “time can do a lot. Our own hurts, so we have to find ways to be better and happier. I’m going to find a way and I’m sure I’ll be able to do it. It’s okay, I made a mistake so I got punished for it. Pray and hope that good things will happen to all of us. I’m not so sad now, don’t worry.

Sharing the video, Vikas wrote on Instagram, “It’s not good, but one day we will definitely win. Thank you for showing love. Let us find another opportunity for everything we want in life.”

Vikas entered Bigg Boss 14 earlier this month as the Challenger ‘along with other former contestants. She was often seen quarreling with Arshi Khan, with whom she participated in Bigg Boss 11.

Ever since her entry into Bigg Boss house, Arshi has been inciting Vikas, to which she never reacted. However, on Monday’s episode, he lost his balance and pushed him into the swimming pool after his family was dragged into a dispute.

Bigg Boss announced that Vikas will no longer be a part of the show due to his aggressive approach.

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  1. Vikas u did realise your mistake even though u were provoked but it’s ok. Good to b positive because the anger becomes poison n is not healthy. God always helps when u r honest to yourself. B happy. Best wishes for the future.

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