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About Us

Share This News is a leading Online News Magazine service over a million people every month!

Thenewsvilla is a growing digital global news publication that delivers international business news to an audience of over 2 million people in India (as of August ’19) and 5 million worldwide every month through its digital publishing platforms.

Thenewsvilla provides comprehensive content around the most important business, entertainment and trending news from around the world, besides covering some niche areas of interest to our global readers.

Thenewsvilla is produced in as a single edition in 1 language, offering in-depth coverage that is relevant and specific to each global market.

Thenewsvilla is currently the main business unit of our website. Our global headquarters is in Austin, Texas.

Matters (copyright and legal) related to Thenewsvilla India should be emailed to . All legal and copyright disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of courts in Chennai (Tamil Nadu), India only.

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